Bridal and Formal Design Studio

by Courtney Adams – Wilmington, NC

Wedding, Bridesmaid, Prom, Cocktail Dresses & Gowns to Fit Your Body PERFECTLY!

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About Courtney

Spun out of a passion and obsession for fine fabrics and finer fitting garments, Courtney started Baroque Bridal as answer to those looking for a deeper connection to their wedding and special occasion garments.

Courtney graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. While studying fashion design at the world renowned school, she learned the principles and ideals of garment design and construction. This knowledge and over a decade of experience in the fashion industry allow her to build a dream wedding gown from sketch to final seam.

Her global approach to understanding the desire and goals of brides translates into the meticulous creation of gowns. By using slower, more precise methods while design, sewing and altering a garment Courtney maintains the integrity of the garment, ensuring a more comfortable and proper fit.

Brides should be comfortable!


Paul Lee

Just dropped off my suit for some adjustments and few pairs of pants and they came back perfect. Courtney is sweet professional and patient.

Kelley Greco

Courtney went above and beyond what she had to in order to make sure my dress was perfect for my daughters wedding. I will never use any one but her from now on and will highly recommend her every time!! Very professional, personable and easy to work with.

Stephanie Shepherd

I had a small but tricky rip in my favorite jeans, and was worried that it would continue to tear due to the location of the rip. Courtney had no issues mending them. She quoted me a fair price, and through our conversation I could tell she has a lot of experience with mending and alterations. Overall it was a very pleasant interaction, and I’m happy that i didn’t have to toss my jeans!

John Schroeder

Courtney is a total pro.. she makes amazing stuff and has incredible talents. If you need something altered or made custom give her a call.. you'll be very well taken care of.

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