Vintage Dress Redesign

by Courtney Adams – Wilmington, NC

Let Us Redesign Your Vintage Wedding Dress To Retain The Sentimental Value While Creating The Look And Fit You Desire

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You have been so lucky to receive a vintage heirloom dress from a loved one and want to wear it on your big day, but you’re a bit skeptical about the style, fit, size or possibly the quality of the fabric.

Courtney LOVES for custom vintage wedding dress redesign, so you can be confident in knowing that you can have a dress that looks and feels great on you as well as retain the sentimental value.

Vintage Dress Redesign Services:

  • Upgrade and modernize the dress

  • Completely change the style of the dress

  • Adjust the dress to fit your body type

  • Repair stained or damage fabric

  • Re-Weave and replace fabric

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Paul Lee

Just dropped off my suit for some adjustments and few pairs of pants and they came back perfect. Courtney is sweet professional and patient.

Kelley Greco

Courtney went above and beyond what she had to in order to make sure my dress was perfect for my daughters wedding. I will never use any one but her from now on and will highly recommend her every time!! Very professional, personable and easy to work with.

Stephanie Shepherd

I had a small but tricky rip in my favorite jeans, and was worried that it would continue to tear due to the location of the rip. Courtney had no issues mending them. She quoted me a fair price, and through our conversation I could tell she has a lot of experience with mending and alterations. Overall it was a very pleasant interaction, and I’m happy that i didn’t have to toss my jeans!

John Schroeder

Courtney is a total pro.. she makes amazing stuff and has incredible talents. If you need something altered or made custom give her a call.. you'll be very well taken care of.

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Call Now (910) 297-5920